Full Suspension Mountain Bike

full suspension mountain bike

There are two different types of mountain bikes. They are full suspension mountain bike and hard trail mountain bike. Full suspension mountain bikes are also well recognized as twin suspension off-road bikes or dual-suspension mountain bikes. It is because they are completed with two shock absorbers on both wheels.

This is opposed to the hard tail mountain bike which is only completed with one shock absorber on the front wheel. Both, a full suspension mountain bike and hard trail mountain bike have their own uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike vs. Hardtail Mountain Bike

The hardtail mountain bike is simpler to pedal.  It is swifter than the full suspension mountain bike when you are riding it on smooth land. As a result, you will not lose any power when you pedal.

Due to its slight weight and easier handling, a hardtail mountain bike is better at climbing hills.

A lot of professionals as well as recreational mountain bikers like better this type of bike for use in off road races and also off road triathlons.

However, full suspension mountain bikes do better than hardtails on hills that are made up of coarse terrain.

A full suspension bike is able to run quicker on coarse ground since availability of the shock absorber is great to allow more traction by decreasing the outcome of stumbling blocks.

full suspension mountain bike kona process

A full suspension MTB is easier on the body.  It minimizes the stress on riders’ arms and backs which is caused by vibrations and jolts during long rides.

Besides offering the rider a more comfortable ride, a mountain bike with full suspension also provides potency and safety.

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