Diy Bike Rack Options

A bike rack is a frame used for holding a bike in position and protecting it from theft. These are commonly used on vehicles and in garages.

Some of the bike rack options are roof mounted bike racks, rear ball / hitch mounts, trunk racks, wall mounted bike racks, folding bike racks, spare tire mount racks, front bumper bike racks, and tandem carrier bike racks. With an array of models available, one can choose a rack as per his individual requirements. Bike racks are used for the protection of both the bike and the vehicle.

A roof mounted bike rack is used, and is ideal for carrying bikes in cars, trucks, and other similar vehicles. A roof bike rack can hold up to four bikes at a time. Some roof mounted bike racks come clamped with a camper roof and are used as a conventional roof rack for sports vehicles.

Rear hitch mount racks are another commonly used type. Rear hitch mount racks, better known as receiver hitch racks, can carry up to five bikes. To carry one or two bikes, rear ball-hitch mount racks are ideal. A vehicle with a high front end can use a front bumper rack, and this rack can hold up to five bikes. Trunk racks can hold up to three bikes, and are safer than other racks. In addition to these, there are spare tire mount racks to mount a spare tire in the bikes. Wall mounted bike racks and folding bike racks are safe.

Bike racks are usually used on cars such as cars and trucks. All the bike rack options are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and budgets. For those who want to shop from home or office, bike racks can be ordered through the Internet.

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